Monday, March 22, 2010

Party Time

We celebrated Ellis's birthday yesterday. Since she shares her birthday with my mom, my mom they have separate parties. So family came over yesterday to sing to her and give her some love.

Her dress waiting:

All dressed up:

Grandma Susi made three beautiful cakes to share. They tasted so good, also. What a hit. Thank you for the help Susi!

Bob made a treasure hunt that led to a beautiful picnic table for the kids!! No picture of the picnic table, it was too cold in bare feet and I completely forgot, but I know it will show up in plenty this summer.

The kids had a great time and were pooped so went to bed early. It was early enough there was still some light to grab quick shots of them in bed.

Susi also made Ellis's birthday baby a beautiful t-shirt and diaper to compliment the longies I knit for her. She is so gorgeous, not to toot our horn or anything. But I couldn't be happier with her if I'd spent a load on her like I did their other waldorf babies. I'll have to get a full body shot of her later and share it.

I was going to take the kids out for sunrise pictures this morning, but by the time they were up, dressed, and looking adorable, it was raining. So that will be postponed. We still got out and got our shopping done and had breakfast with Kristen, so it was far from a loss.

Looking forward to a big week of doctoring... lol...

Thursday, March 18, 2010


My baby girl turned two yesterday.

I had no idea how badly I wanted her or needed her until she was in my arms... now I miss her while she sleeps.

What a beautiful gift she has been. She is a blessing full of love, life, and joy.

I am still falling more deeply in love with her every single day.

Happy birthday Baby Belle.

More soon. I have many pictures to share. I just keep avoiding the internet.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Old Friends, New Friends. "Did he just say this place is awesome?"

So a few weeks ago, my dad helped Asa find my brother's Ninja Turtles action figures.

What was so new and exciting to my three year old sure brought back a lot of memories for me. I dug in to my parents' attic for awhile, greeting the faces of many old friends.

It's amazing to me, when I run across the toys I spent so many hours with as a child, how much they bring back to my mind; and how they still make me smile, and feel those happy feelings playing with them years ago did.

So my son made some new friends, and I said a "hey, how are ya?" to some old ones.

It's also funny to me that I have more memories of playing with my brother's toys than I do of playing with my own.

We were at Dawson's Dogs a few days later. Asa was excited because he got a fruit roll up and basically junk food for lunch. He said something to let me know he liked it there and the next minute, the lady that had taken our orders was taking a seat at our table and asking, "Did he just say this play is awesome?" I told her I wasn't sure but something like that.

But Asa was adamant. "I didn't say that mom! I didn't say that!" He said it over and over. I think he was feeling bashful. So adorable.

To this day, he maintains his innocence.

Ellis's birthday was wonderful.

She is our little princess.

The weather is improving... and the kids are loving it.

Today was absolute weather perfection, but Asa was too sick to go out most of the day. He did play on the porch with the cat for awhile. But he is doing better now.

The weekend is supposed to be yucky though. Sadly.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We had a nice day yesterday, except that Ellis wasn't feeling well and was very grumpy. But she took an early nap, which I am never against, so we'll call it even.

We started out the morning w/ McDonald's breakfast. I'm embarrassed to say that an Egg McMuffin and a Diet Coke has to be my all-time favorite meal. And the kids have taken a liking to pancakes with chocolate milk. No surprise there. Now and then it can't hurt, right? Just don't tell my organic mom. lol.

We also went to Once Upon a Child to shop for Ellis's birthday outfit. And I did find a beautiful Baby Lulu outfit for $12! It will be perfect... but you're going to have to wait for her birthday to see it.

I cleaned the bathrooms and did 4 loads of laundry. The kids played. Asa got himself grounded from TV for the day, but this isn't abnormal in the life of a three year old. At least the three-year-olds I have cared for.

While doing the laundry, I noticed that there is evidence of my addiction to socks.

They are one of my favorite things to buy, and during the winter, I go through several pairs a day. And at the end of folding laundry, I have about three times as many pairs to be put away as any other given member of my family. It made me laugh. So I took a picture. So it goes.

I've had things to write about lately, but it seems that I don't have enough brain time to myself for me to even hang on to them.

I really should start a little note on my iPhone where I can jot down thoughts and return to it when I have a moment to type.

I have been considering starting a paper journal again, for my own private thoughts. I miss scribbling w/ a pen. I miss seeing my own handwriting.

I am getting anxious to get the business ball rolling. But I am so bad at tying up those lose ends, which are really all I'm waiting for. The sun is shining today and we did not wear our heavy winter coats to the grocery store. It's not a great day for photos but it makes me excited to do outdoor photos again... Well, for more than ten minutes. And that isn't too far off! It feels exciting.

Monday, March 1, 2010

I Need a Cheerleader

In case you haven't noticed, I haven't been taking my camera everywhere with me like I normally do. I haven't been posting photos because I haven't been taking any.

No idea why. We all need breaks sometimes I guess.

Today I'm picking it back up, so hopefully there will be photos later.

I just can't wait for spring.